He might have been born in the UK, but Callum Keith Rennie grew up in Alberta and has become that guy you see everywhere. It helps that in the 14 years of his career, he's been involved in 92 projects -- some of them being very brief guest stints, or recurring roles, starring roles, and major motion pictures. He's the "I know that guy!" actor who is just everywhere. Perhaps you remember him from eXistenZ, Memento, Falling Angels, or Blade Trinity. But if you're a big space geek, you definitely know him as the dastardly Leoben Conoy on Battlestar Gallactica. And if you have a thing for aliens on Earth, then you might remember him from a certain spooky show.

Variety reports that he has signed on to co-star with a certain David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in the upcoming X-Files2. Now, he's no stranger to the show -- he originally appeared as The Groundskeeper in the highest-rated episode of the first two seasons -- "Fresh Bones." But the thing is, he almost had himself a regular gig. He was first offered the role of Alex Krycek. He turned it down, and suggested Nicolas Lea take the job. So now he's "co-starring," but there's no word on who he'll be. Will he take the role he once refused? (In a ghostly form, again.) Something all-new perhaps?

Joining him on the co-starring roster is British actor Adam Godley, who has popped up in films like Love Actually, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and most recently in Elizabeth: The Golden Age as William Walsingham. Again, there's no word on who these actors will be, but hopefully we'll find out soon.
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