"Marc Caro, hmmm," you may be thinking right now, "Oh yeah, the guy who, along with Jean-Pierre Jeunet, directed Delicatessen, The City of Lost Children and (unfortunately) Alien: Resurrection! Where's he been for the past few years?" And that's a good question. While his former partner has spent the years since Alien 4 making movies like Amelie and A Very Long Engagement, Monsieur Caro has done ... not a whole heck of a lot, which makes the arrival of this slick-looking genre film a little more exciting than the arrival of just another slick-looking genre film.

According to the Twitch lords, Dante 01 is about a prison at the end of the universe that undergoes some horrific changes when a mysterious survivor arrives at the facility. (Frankly, that premise sounds like it could just as easily belong to a Sci-Fi Channel exclusive, but Sci-Fi Channel exclusives are generally not directed by guys as talented as Mark Caro.) As they're apt to do (and do well), the Twitch guys have been following this French import for quite some time now, and their latest piece offers the first few minutes of the movie for your perusal. (Hope you guys paid attention in French class!)

When you're done there, feel free to pick through the film's official site (also in French, obviously.) No word yet on when Dante 01 will be arriving stateside, but it opens in France on January 2. When the Twitchers learns of a North American release date (or perhaps some festival screenings), they'll be sure to let us all know.
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