There are always stories about the struggling artists whose paintings turn them into mega-stars after their death. It doesn't usually happen that way with musicians, but Eva Cassidy was an unfortunate exception. The DC native worked through the '80s with little-known bands, and in the '90s, she started to get a little recognition for herself, recording classic covers of songs like The Other Side and Over the Rainbow. But just when things were looking up, Cassidy felt discomfort in her hips, and a few weeks later she was diagnosed with melanoma. The cancer had spread through her body, and only 4 months after discovering her ailment, she died on November 2, 1996.

After her death, her success skyrocketed with posthumous releases, praise from stars like Sting, ice skaters who skated to her music, appearances on film soundtracks, and a cover by Katharine McPhee during American Idol that made Randy, Paul, and Simon wow. Topping off this fame, Variety reports that her life is going to be turned into a biopic by AIR Productions -- headed by Amy Redford, Irwin Shapiro, and Rick Singer. As Robert's progeny describes it: "We see this film as an uplifting story of indomitable human spirit and an insightful look into the life and personality of an amazing talent." This project seems to be in the embryo stage -- there's no word of a script, director, or specific focus.

If you happened to have missed an introduction to Cassidy's music, you can check out a live rendition of Over the Rainbow below.

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