The way I see it, we should enjoy Steve Carell for as long as we can. Considering some of his more recent fare, it's obvious that not every project he jumps into will be even half as good as his stint in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, or his starring role in The Office. At some point, he'll be that guy we watch on retro television, wondering what happened to him as we check out his great, old-school work. That being said, I'd be more than happy for the future to disprove me.

But anyway, at least Carell has been around for a while, and before he was suffering the turmoil of virginity, he spent some time in Second City, Chicago. In this clip, he is a lawyer who meets up with Ron West -- "an unparalelled paragon of paralegality," who has been sent over by personnel to help with the "Turner Case." Unfortunately, he takes common phrases a little too seriously, and turns out to be the embodiment of all things "para." It's funny, and besides, how many times does Carell play the normal, non-kooky one?