It is an honor and a pleasure to welcome you to Cinematical's annual 12 Days of Cinematicalmas! [Waits for a soft round of golf claps.] Beginning today, we'll do our part in counting down the days before Santa stuffs his fat ass through chimneys around the world by bringing you 12 days of fantastic holiday-related content. You want lists? We've got them. Retro reviews for some of your favorite all-time holiday-related flicks? They'll be there. Plenty of content to devour and disagree with? You bet your naughty-list ass! Before we bid a fond farewell to the year that was 2007 (and trust me, our farewell will indeed be a fond one), why not sit back, take a deep breath, and thank Jesus' birth for bringing us films like the one pictured above. Monika and Peter will kick things off tonight, and we hope you enjoy. (Oh, and please try to keep the hatin' to a minimum -- tis' this is a time for joy, after all.)

To get the ball rolling, here's a clip from my favorite Christmas flick of all time.