We've seen parts of this before, but here's that party scene from Cloverfield in all of its glory. I have to say -- even though I wasn't entirely intrigued by the random trailers, seeing it as a full clip has piqued my interest. Just like the trailer, instead of trying to scare us with eerie music and cinematic ploys, the creeps are from curiosity, and the viewer wondering what in the hell is going on -- just like the people on-screen. It looks like it will work pretty well. Whether that holds through the whole movie, we'll have to wait and see, but I'm liking what J.J. Abrams has done in seemingly destroying New York City (the video coming from an area formerly known as Central Park).

The clip also reveals Theo Rossi, one of my favorite younger actors out there. He played a bully with possibly-evil plans on Veronica Mars, and he recently had one heck of a sad death on Grey's Anatomy, so hopefully he's actually throughout the film, and not just a quick glimpse in a party scene. I also must say -- gotta love people who are more interested in taking cell phone pics of a ravaged and thrown Statue of Liberty head than getting the hell out of there.

This video is the latest part of Cloverfield's viral campaign, and they say sharing the clip widget can score you a prize, so good luck and share away!

And personally, I'm still holding out hope that the evil thing is the same as this clip.