Cinematical has just received this exclusive poster for Charlie Bartlett (click on the image for a larger version), starring Anton Yelchin, Robert Downey Jr.,Hope Davis and Kat Dennings. In the film, Yelchin plays a Ferris Bueller-type kid who, after being booted from his prep school for making fake I.D.s, quickly becomes his new high school's self-appointed psychiatrist ... with a little help from his nutty mom (Davis), his new girlfriend (Dennings), her (recovering) alcoholic father/principal (Downey Jr.) and, of course, the school's teenage drug dealer. Directed by Jon Poll, Charlie Bartlett first premiered at last year's Tribeca Film Festival, where yours truly called it "a film that carries a heavy message about the mis-use of prescription medication amongst today's teens, but does so in a very clever (and fun) way." Additionally, you can also check out our interview with Bartlett director Jon Poll and star Anton Yelchin. I dug this film -- it's cute and quirky, sure, but it packs a pretty entertaining punch. Go see it. Charlie Bartlett arrives in theaters on February 22, 2008.