Such a big movie deserves its own post ...

A few different websites have scored interviews with Cloverfield director Matt Reeves, and so here are some tasty nuggets of info from each:

From MTV Movies Blog -- "Cloverfield director Matt Reeves has told MTV News that Paramount has picked his monster flick as the venue to unveil the "Trek" trailer. There isn't much more to report on that front, but Reeves did say that he's seen the teaser and that it's "awesome."

From IESB -- Reeves on the viral marketing and Slusho tie-in: "It's a connection, obviously, back to a reference to Alias and it's part of the involved connectivity between that and there's a - I don't know what you could call it - a sort of "meta-story" that is part of - almost like an origin story - that is connected. It's almost like tentacles that grow out of the film and lead, also, to the ideas in the film. And there's this weird way where you can go see the movie and it's one experience. It's a big, really satisfying and really thrilling experience."

From Shock Till You Drop -- Reeves on whether or not we'll actually see the Cloverfield monster: "We're creating great suspense while you see the great features of this monster. The other thing I think is very exciting is this monster is huge and you see everything. You see it in a way that is if you're shooting it with a Handicam. If you're hiding under a car, you see it that way, and there are other moments - I can guarantee you - you are seeing this monster in a huge way."

All sounds pretty sweet if you ask me -- and did you check out the first five minutes of the film yet (currently online)? Hit all three of those sites up for much more with Reeves, while Cloverfield is set to arrive in theaters on January 18.

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