You should know by now that Bruce Campbell is one heck of a guy. Even if you disregard all of his other work, he is the one dude to name and defeat Spider-Man. It takes a special guy to stand up to superheroes and win with ease and snarky grace. But that's Campbell's undeniable strength. His words are his special power, and whether he's strapping a chainsaw to his bloody stump, blocking a theater door, or bringing down undead zombies while suffering penis boils, he gets the job done without any super strength, agility, or wild, physical powers. I'm leaving Ash off the list for now, as he might get his own love sometime in the future, so for now -- just grab your popcorn, sit back, watch some films, and try to answer the question: Who stands supreme? Spidey and the tough usher, or a sassy, aged Elvis?

First, you need the obligatory commercials that start movies these days, but it doesn't have to be something time-wasting and annoying. Before sitting down to these films, take a clue from Campbell, and delight in some Old Spice.
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