Welcome back to another fun-filled installment of Cinematical's Insert Caption game! This week we have something big in store for you. Like, real big. Not IMAX big. But big enough to get you out of your house and onto a plane. Oh yes, we're going there ... again. In honor of this month-long celebration of holidays, we're giving you a chance to give us your best caption for the photo below from the new flick The Perfect Holiday. And in doing so, it's only right that the winner gets a perfect holiday of their own ... right? So, one grand prize winner will receive a trip for four to San Diego, California, brought to you by Cinematical, Yari Film Group and SouthWest Airlines! Home of the Padres! Home of The San Diego Zoo! And home to Sea World ... a place in which you and your three companions will receive passes to visit upon your arrival! Now all you have to do is give us your "perfect" caption, and the sand and sun awaits you. You have until 12:01 a.m. ET on December 26, 2007 to enter, so good luck!

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Last week, we asked all of you dig deep down --into places that secretly wish Will Smith was the neighbor who got jiggy in the living room during your annual holiday house party -- in order to give us your best captions for a photo from I Am Legend, in theaters this weekend. Congrats to George E. for not only keeping it fresh, but for acting like a prince throughout the entire process.

1. "UNCLE PHIL???" -- George E.

2. "Though they had both wanted it, neither could bear to look the other in the eye after what had turned into a leg humping of catastrophic proportions." -- Mike R.

3. "I know they're gonna blame a black guy for this." -- Bill

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