A while ago, we received the super-awesome news that Clash of the Titans was being remade. Yes, I'm being sarcastic. So Travis Beacham wrote the first stab. Then, Lawrence Kasdan came along for a re-write. It looks like the Big Chill writer's script is the winner, and with no extensive rewrites planned, the next step was finding someone to helm this sucker. That honor, according to Variety, has been given to Steve Norrington. I'm torn. I still don't want this movie remade, but this could actually work, at least a little.

See, Norrington is the man behind Blade. That's a decent movie -- fun, vampy, and popular enough to spawn a few sequels. However, he's also the guy behind The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. It was the last film he hopped into the directorial chair for, and it was pretty craptacular. Considering the fact that it wasn't meant to be bad, perhaps this could be a blessing for the film -- no matter how serious they aim to make it, maybe it will still be bad and thus keep some sort of spark of the original.

One can hope, but it could also possibly be a stunning achievement that bears little resemblance to the original, or more realistically, something that Titans fans are disappointed with. We'll find out soon enough -- production is scheduled to begin some time next year. So, that means that the next step is picking Harry Hamlin's replacement. Any ideas?
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