Yesterday, we ran the Guardian piece on Paul Haggis and noted that he hasn't yet laid claim to a title for his upcoming Bond film, still called Bond 22. Today there's more to report. This is very sketchy, and I've tried in vain to find the source video to investigate it myself, but here goes -- AICN is reporting the following, from a tipster who watches British television. Daniel Craig was on a U.K. television show called This Morning and some discussion of the title of the upcoming Bond film led to Craig maybe saying the title was going to simply be 007. Again, that's a giant maybe, because even the talkbackers on the AICN boards have noted that this appears to be more of an unfounded conclusion on the part of the commenter than anything with grounding. Specifically, Craig is "paraphrased" by the commenter as saying "It's more of a number. Because the first movie dealt with him earning his 00 status and now he is 007 for the first time."

Okay, what is more of a number? That's what's unclear here. The tipster is maddeningly vague on this point. After pasting the paraphrase from above, he goes on to say that Craig was specifically asked if 007 is the film's title, to which Craig responds that he 'may have said too much'. But did this come in response to the direct question about the title? If the interviewer put the question directly to Craig and he answered with "It's more of a number" then that's something. Otherwise, I think this is nothing more than a wild goose chase. By the way, I really need to get a life, don't I?

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