Every once in awhile, we here at Cinematical like to give a shout out to one of our own. Not only is this the video of the day, but this is -- by far -- the video of the muthafu**in month. Bill Muthafu**in Murray, ladies and gentlemen! Oh yes, our own Kevin Polowy (aka DJ Kevlar, aka That Dude from Moviefone Who Knows How to Make Sh*t Happen) conceived and produced this fine music video below, labeled Bill MuthaFu**in Murray (The Steve Zissou Remix), with the song written, produced and performed by Rabbi Darkside. I'm not cool enough to know who Rabbi Darkside is, but I am a huge Bill Murray fan -- and this is one of the most original tributes I've ever seen. Playing off the scene in Coffee and Cigarettes where GZA and RZA sit down with Bill Murray in a diner, the song soars through every one of the man's roles, while posters and images of Murray fly by. And it's a good tune too ... I might just have to check out some of Rabbi Darkside's other stuff. And is he a real Rabbi? Can he be my Rabbi? So to cap off a long week -- and to remember the holiday that was Chanukah 2007 -- I proudly present to you Bill MuthaF**kin Murray. Good work Kev ... er, I mean DJ Kevlar.

Warning: This video contains explicit language and groundhog violence.