As a foodie, I'm all sorts of psyched about the upcoming Julie & Julia flick. This anticipation is compounded by the fact that I grew up with and love Julia Child. Before the days of big, cute-girl smiles and overt food enthusiasm, there was just Julia -- throwing things together with that retro cool, purring out her words, and always making time for a swig or three of wine. And every Thanksgiving, I think of Bill Cosby's impression of her, as he tried to teach Theo how to carve a turkey. She was the divine powerhouse of the kitchen and epicurean screen.

So then Meryl Streep gets cast as Julia. I worry about how anyone could pull off Ms. Child without seeming too-campy, but this is Streep, so I'll play along. Then came the Tooch as her husband. What else could we want? How about Amy Adams as Julie? With all this set, the last ingredient to the starring pie was Julie's husband, and The Hollywood Reporter posts that Chris Messina is negotiating to take on the role. He's popped up in flicks like You've Got Mail and starred in the recent Ira & Abby, but you probably remember him as Claire's straight-laced boyfriend Ted in the final season of Six Feet Under. As such, he gets to deal with his depressed, government-working wife who tries to spice (pun!) up their relationship by making all the recipes in Child's book -- Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Julia, meanwhile, gets shown during her days in WWII, but hopefully it'll at least wrap up with at least one television show scene. Production will hopefully get underway this March.
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