Warner Bros. really needs to get on the ball. That new trailer for The Dark Knight, which arrived yesterday attached to prints of I Am Legend and which we told you about earlier, has now leaked all over the place in a fourth-rate bootleg. I guess that's how the studio wants people to see it -- from the vantage point of a camcorder hidden in a guy's jacket. Come on, Warners, what are you thinking? Anyway, I have to say I'm not terribly impressed by this trailer. First of all, there's no great Joker moment like we would expect -- he appears to just be a typical knife-wielding thug with a bit of flair. Also, there are no show-stopping lines to report. I remember enjoying Michael Caine's speech from an earlier teaser trailer, about how Batman's aggressive actions 'pushed the mob into the arms of a man they didn't fully understand' but that's absent from this full-length trailer. In fact, it's mostly full of action beats.

I wasn't over-the-moon about Batman Begins and I don't really expect to be about The Dark Knight, either. Christopher Nolan is a fantastic director, but dialogue isn't his best-foot forward and The Joker is a character who demands a great writer. By the time I actually heard him say "Why so Serious?" in this trailer -- the line we've already seen all over the marketing a hundred times, I started to get a sinking feeling that that's the best we're going to get. But who knows, maybe I'm wrong, and they'll probably get my $11 bucks to find out, which is all that really matters, right?

Update -- Check here on Sunday, where we've been told the trailer will appear.