Yeah, so I wasn't too into the whole John Rambo movie until I saw the trailer. Then everything changed. There's just something about a guy who is seriously, and not in a Kill Bill fashion, killing every guy in the goriest, toughest way possible. The trailer looks all sorts of campy, action-film awesome -- fresh-looking with that feel of the action-packed '80s where dudes like Sly, Jean Claude, Dolph, and a certain Chuck thrived. The only problem I have is with these damned pictures. Some are cool, but some, like the last one I blogged about, just slide into the goofy side of camp. And no, this isn't because I'm "too pink" as one commenter amusingly suggested.

When I see a picture, I just want to get amped about the film, not find myself giggling -- especially when it's a bloody action movie. The still with Sly and the snake -- it had some humor. The picture to the right, this one amused me even more. Courtesy of MTV, this puppy has Rambo taking aim with his bow while sporting his furrowed brow and pursed lips. Unfortunately, it looks like one of those times where you try to make the real serious face and it just tries to come off as a fake attempt. Stallone looks half tough here, and half pouty, like he's about to just thrown down his bow and complain. Or, that a guy behind the camera is telling Sly not to laugh, and he's trying so very hard to keep himself serious.

But that's okay. The actual action looks all sorts of awesome, and I'm ready to see him save Julie Benz. How about you?
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