A lot of the old-school slasher fans recall Paul Lynch's Prom Night with some degree of fondness. Not because it's a great horror film necessarily (it ain't), but because it A) offers yet another early (screamy) performance from Jamie Lee Curtis, B) features a non-comedic performance by Leslie Nielsen (which are always fun), and C) has just enough creeps, chills and gore to keep the freaks happy. But really; Prom Night isn't any sort of classic.

But the title? Now, that's a good title. It'll strike a chord in the memory banks of most movie fans, plus even if you've never even heard of the 1980 slasher flick, "Prom Night" is a good title ... especially if you're pushing a PG-13 remake and you're hoping to get the teens interested. But yeah, Sony's backing the remake, which is directed by television veteran Nelson McCormick and written by J.S. Cardone, who recently gave us The Covenant and The Forsaken. Eesh.

Scheduled for release on April 11, the new Prom Night stars youthful females like Jessica Stroup (Hills Have Eyes 2) and Brittany Snow (The Pacifier), as well as good ol' Johnathon Schaech (Hush). Plus it looks like Jessalyn Gilsig is on board, and I've had a crush on her since her Boston Public days. Sigh. Anyway, Shock Til You Drop has an exclusive peek at the remake's brand-new one-sheet, so feel free to check that out right here.

And then feel free to stop back and leave a comment about how EVERY horror movie of the past three decades is being remade these days and boy are you sick of it. (Fuel to the fire: The Prom Night director's next gig? A remake of The Stepfather.)
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