UPDATE:The Dark Knight full-length, crystal clear trailer is now online and available right here. Check it out! Looks nice.

In crappy, YouTube boot-legged video! First came The Dark Knight trailer, and now someone has cleverly put that six-minute IMAX clip online as well. Ya know, part of me understands why Warner Bros. didn't release the two clips online the same day they were in theaters with I Am Legend, and I'm sure those folks who watched the pirated copies are still going to watch the new, HD versions when they're finally released to the online world, but it still sucks to see it for the first time in this kind of quality. Of course, you can argue that I or we shouldn't watch it. Valid point. But how can you not watch it? It's like asking a little kid if he'd rather open up his Christmas gifts now or later. What do you think he'd answer?

I have to say, though, unlike Ryan I really liked both the trailer and the IMAX footage. They're calling this a Joker prologue, but we don't see him actually becoming the Joker -- this is more of a setup to show you how badass the guy is. Before everyone in Gotham City knows his name. And William Fichtner's cameo as the bank's boss is awesome. Love Fichtner! Love the tone. Love the idiotic baddies. And the Joker's entrance is pretty damn cool. If this is the way The Dark Knight begins, then I'm sure we're in store for one helluva sequel. Cannot wait. The Dark Knight arrives in theaters on July 18, the full-length trailer will most likely arrive via this link later on today, and you can see the six-minute IMAX clip after the jump (though I'm sure it will be taken down soon). Let us know what you think.