With pre-production now officially underway on Bond 22 -- or 007, if you believe the wild and unsubstantiated rumors -- more and more of the pieces will be falling into place as to what we can actually expect. To start things off, Bond fan site MI6 has picked up some photos from a British tabloid that show Daniel Craig racing speedboats in a Hampshire lake, and Craig reportedly let slip to someone that the script for the new film contains no car chases, so get ready for a lot of boat racing. Like most aspects of this production so far, I'm not too thrilled with this idea -- boat racing has already been done to death in the Bond series and, come to think of it, even in other series like Indiana Jones. What more can be done? I guess I'll have to give them the benefit of the doubt until I see some footage.

In other Bond news, the BBC is reporting that Cardiff University is now offering 007 studies as one of those throwaway undergraduate courses the way American universities will sometimes offer courses in Star Trek or Madonna or things like that. They never offered those at my college, by the way, though I wish they would have -- I could have used the grade point boost. The Bond course is a ten-week course that examines Ian Fleming's most famous character in terms of its significance historically and culturally.

One final note, concerning all the early speculation about Gemma Arterton being possibly cast as the next Bond girl -- if anything, she looks like a Moneypenny to me. She's 22, for starters, with a background in comedy and a very non-traditional look for a Bond love interest. I'm calling this one early -- if she's in, she's Moneypenny.

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