Last month, we got a serving of James Marsters and Justin Chatwin for James Wong's upcoming Dragon Ball movie. Marsters signed on to play the villain Piccolo, while Chatwin nabbed the starring role of Goku. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, they will be teamed by a few women and another bad guy. First up is Emmy Rossum, Jake Gyllenhaal's love interest in The Day After Tomorrow. Aggravatingly, there's no word on who she'll play. However, there is some info on the other two additions. Eriko Tamura, who recently stole Hiro's heart on Heroes and made for quite the rift between the time traveler and Kensei, has signed on to play Mai, while Joon Park, who used to be a member of the Korean pop group G.O.D., has signed on to play Yamcha.*

So two more, at least, have joined the bad side -- unless Yamcha will show up as his reformed self. He is a thief who reforms and becomes a Z Fighter, while Mai is one of Emperor Pilaf's two minions. I imagine that means Pilaf will be cast soon, so that Piccolo has a someone to free him from his confinement in an electric rice cooker. Now, I love strange, zany stuff, and Dragon Ball is full of it, but can they really pull this off in any way that'll be amusing -- either in a serious or tacky way? I'm getting Super Mario flashbacks, and even that source material wasn't this wacky.

Also, HoyCinema has posted the pictures from the film's production, which don't show too much, but should give you an idea about the film's look.

*Unfortunately, Heroes fans, this means no chance for Hiro's lady to meet his best friend. According to earlier rumors, Ando (James Kyson Lee) was going to play Yamcha.
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