Though the film has gone through a bunch of titles (Tonight, He Comes, John Hancock), they've finally settled on Hancock, and the first trailer for the film has arrived online (courtesy of JoBlo). In Hancock, Will Smith plays a superhero named Hancock who's fallen on hard times, and when he hires a PR exec (Jason Bateman) to correct his image, Hancock winds up falling for the dude's wife (Charlize Theron). What are we getting here? Well, the first trailer shows us tons of special effects and a lot of comedy mixed together -- all of it to the tune of hip hop. Funny thing is, the film isn't even listed as a comedy -- IMDb has it as a action drama/fantasy -- though they're clearly going for laughs in this first bit of marketing material.

And you know what, those laughs are actually pretty funny. Like the part when Hancock looks at the YouTube clip of himself saving a beached whale. Only, when he throws the whale back out to sea, it lands on a lone sailboat way out in the ocean. "I don't even remember that ," he says. Bateman replies, "Green Peace does." There's a bunch of stuff like that here; apparently they're setting up the fact that Hancock (who looks like a homeless guy) keeps trying to save the day, though he causes a ton of destruction in the process. It's like the anti-superhero movie, and it definitely looks like it belongs in the summer popcorn fluff category. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Directed by Peter Berg, Hancock arrives in theaters on July 2, 2008.