There may be trouble with the on-set paradise between Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn in Four Christmases, but for the film as a whole, things just got kookier. The Hollywood Reporter says that old Vaughn friend Jon Favreau has joined the mix, along with Tim McGraw and Dwight Yoakam. Yeah, not exactly the two names that I expected to follow. But it gets even better. McGraw and Favreau will play Brad's (Vaughn) brothers called Denver and Dallas. Talk about feeling on the outside -- not getting another Texas name like Austin or something. Anyhow, they're "siblings who delight in tormenting their brother" over the holidays.

As for ol' Yoakam, he'll play "Pastor Phil, the overly zealous partner of Brad's new wife Kate's (Witherspoon) mother (Mary Steenburgen). He persuades the young couple to act in his church's nativity play, one of the many chaotic events during their visits to different sets of parents." Okay, now considering my own history with the holidays, and other people I know, one or two house/party visits makes for a hectic holiday, let alone visiting four different parents and acting in a nativity play. Hopefully all of this craziness stays on the comfortable side of comedy, and doesn't become a Meet the Parents sort of film where stupid character decisions leads to just as much discomfort as laughs. Still, this is sounding like it could actually be some Christmas fare that's worth the time.
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