For someone relatively new to the business, actress June Raphael is already making a decent name for herself. She's popped up in the Dixie Chicks' flick,*Shut Up and Sing, played Mark Ruffalo's wife in Zodiac, and has a few more films on the way. However, she's also found time to pen the upcoming flick Bride Wars (the one that pits Kate Hudson against Anne Hathaway), and now The Hollywood Reporter posts that she's in final negotiations to co-star with Jack Black in Harold Ramis' biblical comedy -- Year One. If her negotiations wrap up nicely, she'll play Maya, a woman who gets into a little romance with two men in her village, one of them being Zed (Black). Oh, lucky her!

It seems that the group who signed on earlier this month with the McLovin' Christopher Mintz-Plasse are still in final negotiations -- Oliver Platt, David Cross, Vinnie Jones, and Juno Temple. So with all these casting announcements, we know that Black will get his love on with his laugh on, while presumably battling another man for the sexy girl's affections (maybe Cross?), that Platt will be a high priest, and Jones will be a head palace guard. How all of these people fit together is anyone's guess since the Ramis/Apatow gang are still being beyond secretive with the story. Still, do we need to know that much to go see it? It's looking to be another great geek fest. Black's work has been iffy lately, but rejoining Michael Cera and McLovin' with him, and all under Harold and Judd... I'm game!

*Kudos to Peter for noticing that this isn't the Dixie flick, but another that once had the same name.
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