With the official trailer for The Dark Knight finally arriving online, now seems like a good time to revisit the topic and debate which 2008 comic book flick will turn out the best. The big four, of course, are all slightly different from one another -- one is a sequel from a reboot (The Dark Knight), one is a straight-up reboot from scratch (The Incredible Hulk), one is a straight-up sequel (Hellboy II: The Golden Army) and one marks the first time we're seeing this hero on the big screen (Iron Man). Additionally, we have films on the lower tier, like The Punisher: War Zone, which is sort of a reboot reboot sequel ... we think. Then there's Wanted, which heads into graphic novel territory, but we'll include it here because there's tons of hype behind it.

The big three moneymakers, in my opinion, are The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man. Out of the entire lot, we've seen trailers for Knight, Iron Man and Wanted. Punisher released a photo and Hellboy II has released a bunch of photos, concept art and I wouldn't be surprised if we get a trailer real soon. On the other hand, The IncredibleHulk has been real silent on the marketing front. Rumor has it a trailer for Hulk will debut during the Superbowl, but you'd think we'd at least get a few photos by now. We've seen set photos, but those have shown us nothing really. Chances are The Dark Knight will make the most money, but will it be the best film? Will any of these films be good? Will they all be great? Will 2008 make up for the cruddy 2007? Tell us which comic book film you think has the best shot at ruling 2008 ...

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