Moonlighting had all sorts of Cybil Shepherd and Bruce Willis goodness, with a sweet side Agnes DiPesto and a certain Boogery Curtis Armstrong. In 1986, it got even better when they went Shakespearian in the episode Atomic Shakespeare -- one of my favorite media moments of the '80s. Some unknown student wanted to watch Moonlighting, but his mom told him he had to read Taming of the Shrew for school. As he reads the play, the characters from the hit show slip into all of the bard's famous characters.

Bruce Willis is Petruchio, a man looking to gain a wife with lots of cash, and the shrew, otherwise known as Katherine (Shepherd), becomes the object of his monetary affection. In this scene, he meets Kate for the first time, and battles with her to try and win her hand in marriage. He crashes into the room a la The Shining (Here's Petruchio!) and the two banter in all sorts of sexy punningness ("pianist envy").

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