OK, so it's not like Roland Emmerich is known for making the best movies. But one thing is for sure, he does know how to make the most of his FX budgets. ComingSoon.net has the new poster for Emmerich's prehistoric adventure flick, 10,000 B.C. If nothing else, at least this latest poster is a step up from the last one . Sure, it might be similar (and borrowing heavily from 300), but at least this one definitely has a little more style to it. As Scott had pointed out last week, there is definitely the potential for some truly cheesy moments, and after that trailer you can't blame him for coming to that particular conclusion. But who knows? Maybe Emmerich is going to surprise us all with this one. But if you're considering the fact that the film's release date has already been pushed back twice, it's not likely this movie is going to be anything other than a guilty pleasure for most audiences.

10,000 B.C stars Steven Strait as D'Leh, a young hunter and favored son of a tribe on the brink of extinction. Our hero is on a mission to save his girlfriend (Camilla Belle) from a warlord, all the while battling Mammoths and other prehistoric beasties. ComingSoon also has a pretty impressive photo you can check out of a face off between our fearless mammoth hunter and a sabre-toothed tiger. Like I said, you can't fault Emmerich when it comes to the spectacle of movie making. But for those of you out there (myself included) who had the misfortune of sitting through The Day after Tomorrow, then you know just how lame an Emmerich film can get. So keep your fingers crossed until March 7th, 2008 when 10,000 B.C. hits theaters.