Nicole Holofcener has made a name for herself with female fare. She's helmed the likes of popular television from Sex and the City to the Gilmore Girls, and she's found success in the realm of independent film -- from her first feature, Walking and Talking, through Lovely & Amazing, and finally Friends with Money. Each step of the way, Catherine Keener has been there, and this time around is no different. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Holofcener had signed to write and direct a new film, and now Keener is in final negotiations to star. (As if there's any possibility she wouldn't.)

The still-untitled project focuses on women who live in the same apartment building, "including a woman (Keener) who lives next door to a cantankerous, elderly woman. It explores the interactions between Keener's character, who owns the woman's apartment, the woman, and her two granddaughters, in what's described as an examination of 'life, death, and real estate.'" Well, I imagine that describes what happens to at least one of them. The script was completed before the strike, and the project was set to film in early 2008, before a potential actors strike. Now it seems that Likely Story, who is producing the film, is deciding whether they should make the film first, or get studio backing before completing it. Luckily, although Keener has a ton of films coming our way, only Hamlet 2 and The Soloist haven't hit post-production yet.
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