The life of Albert Einstein has been pretty hot cinematically, at least as far as potential productions go. Whether they'll all hit the big screen, that remains to be seen. First up, there was a project that had Danny Glover and Ben Kingsley tackling Al's story. Then there's the production Giovanni Ribisi mentioned during a junket, that he was set to star in. (He jumped the gun just a bit, and Vincenzo Amato is starring in that film from Italian director Liliana Cavani.) After that came word that Walter Isaacson's book, Einstein: His Life and Universe, would be getting feature treatment. But there's also a Brit television movie and now, one more to add to the mix.

Variety reports that Hero Pictures International has picked up the rights to Roger Highfield and Paul Carter's The Private Lives of Albert Einstein, which will be adapted by Oscar-winner Ron Bass (Rain Man). Published back in the '90s, the account traces the famous icon's personal life, fame, and death, showing some of the less-flattering aspects of Einstein's life -- "an adulterous, egomaniacal, and misogynist side," according to Amazon. Bass, who has also written films like Waiting to Exhale and Mozart and the Whale, says: "It's inspiring to be chosen to tell the story of Albert Einstein. I look forward to delivering my script as soon as possible after the WGA strike concludes." Now, will Giovanni get stab number two at Al? Or, do you have any better ideas?

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