Two international film festivals wrapped things up on Sunday with the traditional awards ceremonies: the 9th Jakarta fest and the 4th Dubai fest. Fittingly, both festivals focused their prizes on films from their respective neighborhoods, parts of the world whose film industries are still growing. I mean, what's the point of having a film festival in Jakarta if you're just going to give the top prize to Juno? It's more productive to support the homegrown stuff.

In Jakarta (Indonesia's capital city), the award for Best Indonesian Film went to 3 Days to Forever (3 hari untuk selamanya), a coming-of-age road-trip comedy by director Riri Riza. The best director prize, meanwhile, went to Deddy Mizwar for Nagabonar Jadi 2 (sequel to a 1987 local hit), about a man trying to stop his son from selling the family plantation to the government.

The fest also gives a "Movies That Matter" human rights award, chosen by a separate jury. The winner was the documentary Playing Between Elephants (Bermain di antara gajah-gajah), about the complicated and painful efforts to rebuild after the devastating tsunami that struck Indonesia in late 2004.

Up in Dubai (the largest city of the United Arab Emirates), they give gold, silver, and bronze awards for "excellence in Arab cinema." In the narrative category, the top film was Under the Bombs (Sous les bombes), about a Lebanese woman looking for her children in the midst of the month-long 2006 war with Israel -- which was still happening when the film was shot. (Yikes.) The star, Nada Abou Farhat, also won the fest's best actress prize, while the best actor award went to Nadim Sawalha for Captain Abu Raed -- the first feature from the nation of Jordan in about half a century. (It's play at Sundance next month.)

For documentaries, the gold medal went to Made in Egypt (Soneaa Fi Masr), about director Karim Goury's search for his Egyptian roots.

And a random piece of trivia, courtesy of Variety: On the jury at Dubai was Deer Hunter and Heaven's Gate director Michael Cimino. What the eff?
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