What do you do once you've covered the world of vagina dentata? I mean, once your crotch gets a mind of its own and eats away at the jerks who try to force themselves on you, will anything seem as interesting? Teeth star Jess Weixler is moving on from her killer vagina, and is going to take things down a notch or two, with her next project. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that she will star along with Jason Ritter (The Education of Charlie Banks) in the upcoming romantic drama, Peter and Vandy.

It'll be another typical Manhattan love story showing the good times and bad times of a New York couple. "The film shifts back and forth in time from their romantic beginnings and increasingly manipulative behavior to their ultimate reconciliation." Well, at least it'll have a happy ending! Unless they reconcile in misery. The pair will be joined by Jesse L. Martin (Law & Order) as Peter's best friend Paul, and Tracie Thoms (Kim from Grindhouse) as his wife, Marissa. Written by Jay DiPietro, the film is an adaptation of his own play, that he directed and starred in -- a role that scored him a 2002 Drama Desk Award nomination for Outstanding One-Person Solo Performance. This will be his feature directorial debut, and production has already gotten underway in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
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