Warning: The above video includes all sorts of foul language.

"I thought Michael Clayton was the bassist for U2."

Another classic viral video has popped up over at Funny or Die, and this time Judd Apatow returns with some of his crew to pimp out Walk Hard ... and just about every other Apatow flick. Starring Apatow, Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, Justin Long and Craig Robinson, the boys all get together to play a little Garage Band (is that what the game is called?) and in the process, they talk about what upcoming movies they want to see. Since they've just got done playing music and enjoy a good laugh or two, they all decide that Walk Hard would be a great choice ... because it includes not one, but two shots of John C. Reilly's genital area (or so Jonah Hill claims). From there, the boys just start shamelessly plugging all the different Apatow-related films they've been in until Robinson gets pissed that the video has gone from sketch comedy to blatant viral promotion, and so he confronts Judd and everything just spirals out of control. Oh yes, "the J word" comes out ... and it comes out hard. Check out the video above, but office workers be warned -- there is some mild foul language to be heard.

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