Okay, 'fess up: How many of you have fond memories of running around the house in your Star Wars Underoos when you were a kid, with visions of Obi-Wan dancing in your head? But now you're an adult, and while you might wear your custom-made Star Wars outfit when you go to a Con, you can't just go schlepping off to your day job or that hot date with the cute chick from the coffee shop dressed up like a Stormtrooper, right? What you need is a way to pay homage to your Star Wars fanaticism while still looking cool. What to do?

For all you Star Wars fans (and those who love them) here's the perfect gift to give: Star Wars-inspired clothing -- for grownups. According to this piece in the Candadian Press, designer Marc Ecko has come up with a limited-edition line of Star Wars-inspired urban menswear for Macy's. Picture yourself stylin' in that rhinestone-studded Darth Vader hoodie ($78), or perhaps a nail-head Boba Fett tee ($32). My little brother (well, not so little anymore, now that he's 32) had probably every Star Wars action figure ever made before he sold them all off to finance the spendy equipment for his rock band. He would totally love that Darth Vader hoodie ... maybe Santa will leave one under his tree. He'd sure look way cooler wearing that hoodie onstage than one of these get-ups ...

[via Movie City News]
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