To know Bruce Campbell is to love him. Just ask the massive collection of movie nerds who just love the lantern-jawed cult hero. (Matter of fact, that'd probably work as a good test for a new friend: If they don't know who Bruce Campbell is, get rid of 'em!) Sure, sure, Bruce has popped up in more than his share of stinkers (what genre actor hasn't?), but it's tough to hold a grudge against the hero of Bubba Ho-tep and the Evil Dead trilogy. Plus he's hilarious in those Spider-Man cameos, and if you like I could rattle off a bunch more cool credits...

But we're here to focus on Mr. Campbell's latest exploit, a self-referential horror comedy called (logically enough) My Name is Bruce. We've been hearing about this flick for quite some time now, but things seem to be moving forward ... a little. Courtesy of we have a plot synopsis:

"A small town [is] set upon by demons after a group of teen-agers unwittingly unleash an ancient curse. Campbell, playing himself, is kidnapped off the set of a B horror movie and, despite his protestations that he's just an actor, is forced to play the role of his heroic movie character in order to save the town."

Heh. Clever. And hey, click here for the trailer! Aside from the one groaner (mocking Asian accents is so 1935), I'd call that trailer more entertaining than Man with the Screaming Brain and Alien Apocalypse combined. Directed by Campbell himself and penned by Mark Verheiden (Battlestar Galactica, Timecop, The Mask), My Name is Bruce is a Dark Horse Entertainment production. According to the IMDb, the rights belong to either Image or Lionsgate. Either way, it should arrive on your DVD shelves relatively soon ... I hope.

[ Thanks to The Movie Blog for the poster image. ]