You've got to be familiar with Rachael Harris. Or, at least recognize her. If not, I demand that you go out and introduce yourself to one of the best comic filmmakers we have in this world -- Christopher Guest. She's popped up in a number of his films, starting off as "Winky's Party Guest" in Best of Show, and most recently playing Mary Pat Hooligan in For Your Consideration. On the more mainstream and less-awesome side of things, you might have seen her in License to Wed or Evan Almighty. All of the above is comedy, but The Hollywood Reporter posts that the actress is about to get musically serious for the upcoming drama The Soloist.

The film will focus on the story of Nathaniel Ayers -- a schizophrenic homeless man in LA who once went to Juilliard. An LA Times columnist, Steve Lopez, befriended the man and brought his story to the public. Word on the production first came out in August, noting that Jamie Foxx was starring, and Atonement helmer Joe Wright had the directorial chair, from a script by Susannah Grant (Erin Brockovich). Later that month, Robert Downey Jr. grabbed the role of Lopez. Catherine Keener was next to board, jumping into the role of Lopez's wife, and now Harris has signed on to play another Los Angeles Times employee. Production will kick into gear next month, and after that, the waves of awards buzz.
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