As was expected, Hollywood's two major awards shows are starting to feel the sting of a prolonged strike, and if both sides do not make a deal before The Golden Globes and Academy Awards air, expect utter chaos. Last night, the WGA denied wavers from both the Hollywood Foreign Press (Golden Globes) and AMPAS (Oscars) that would allow writers to prepare material (in the case of the Globes) and clips from old Oscar telecasts as well as films (for the Oscars). AMPAS has not yet asked for a waiver to use writers to help pen their telecast, but it's believed the WGA will deny it once that happens. Additionally, a final decision to picket outside the Globes has not been made, but if the WGA do picket, there's a chance actors and actresses will not cross the picket line.

What does this mean for you, the viewer? Well, it potentially means that both awards shows will turn out pretty horrible. In the case of the Globes, if the writers were to picket, a good amount of stars would not show up. And the show's script would have to be written by non WGA members (the guy who cleans up the bathroom?). Oscars? Well, Jon Stewart's opening monologue would go something like this: "Um ... yeah." Here's part of a statement from WGAW President Patric Verrone:

"Writers are engaged in a crucial struggle to achieve a collective bargaining agreement that will protect their compensation and intellectual property rights now and in the future. We must do everything we can to bring our negotiations to a swift and fair conclusion for the benefit of writers and all those who are being harmed by the companies' failure to engage in serious negotiations."

The signatories producing the Golden Globes and the Oscars are West Coast signatories. The WGAW's Board of Directors concluded, reluctantly, that granting exceptions for the Golden Globes or the Academy Awards would not advance that goal."

Here's my question to you: Knowing all this, will you opt to not watch the telecast or will you tune in regardless of who shows up and who's writing the script?

[via Deadline Hollywood]