Last week, the Alliance of Women Film Journalists, a diverse group of which I'm a member, voted for our end-of-year picks. One of the things I enjoy most about this critic's group is that our awards include some fun categories you don't see with a lot of other awards -- Most Egregious Age Difference Between Leading Man and Love Interest (Robin Wright Penn and Anthony Hopkins in Beowulf) and Best Depiction of Nudity or Sexuality (Viggo Mortenson in Eastern Promises -- I don't know about you, but that was one of the highlights of that film for me). Margot at the Wedding was named the "Movie You Wanted to Love But Just Couldn't."

Among the awards I'm most happy about include a triple-play for Juno for Best Original Screenplay, Best Ensemble Cast, and Best Breakthrough Performance for Ellen Page. Not surprisingly, No Country for Old Men was voted Best Picture (it seems to be that or The Diving Bell and the Butterfly for most of the critics' groups this year), and the Coen Brothers got Best Director(s). Amy Ryan's awesome performance as the bad mommy in Gone Baby Gone netted her Best Supporting Actress (and look for her to be nommed for an Oscar as well -- she'd be my pick to win gold there, too).

You can see the full list of AWFJ winners and nominees right over here ... which film do you think was the best of 2007?