OK, bad news first: The trailer doesn't actually arrive at IGN until tomorrow. ("Tomorrow" being December 20th, so if you're reading this post AFTER December 20, then there is no bad news. Moving on.) The good news is that those fine movie nerds of IGN.com already have a few new pics from Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (did they really change the title to "HB2"??), and (as a big fan of the first) I must say they look pretty darn cool.

The sequel reunites most of the principal players from the first time around: Guillermo del Toro, Mike Mignola, Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Doug Jones, John Hurt and Jeffrey Tambor will return for the $70m+ Universal sequel, which opens on July 11 of last year. You may wonder why the studio opted to greenlight a sequel to a movie that didn't even make its budget back in domestic box office, but the first Hellboy didn't fare too poorly. Off a reported budget of about $60 million, it grossed just under $100m worldwide, and sold like the proverbial flapjacks on DVD. (And the three-disc director's cut is really awesome!)

Having not yet seen the trailer for myself yet (darn you, IGN!), I obviously cannot comment on its content. But c'mon. It's Willy del Toro, people! (Cronos! The Devil's Backbone! Pan's Labyrinth!) Even his Hollywood movies are good! (Blade 2! Hellboy! (ahem) Mimic!) Apparently this man can do no wrong! (Oops, I take it back. Hope I didn't just jinx the guy.) So don't forget to visit IGN's movie department some time after 3pm (Eastern) tomorrow afternoon. Tell 'em Cine sent you.
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