I can think of a lot worse than being stalked by a girl who looked like Mischa Barton. (Like being stalked by a guy who looked like Barton Fink.) Yup, the girl we all remember as playing Marissa Cooper on The O.C. is preparing to show us that hot girls can be stalkers too by signing on to star in the indie thriller Homecoming. What, you've never had a hot girl stalk you? Seriously? You should try on my job for a day -- hot girls are absolutely infatuated with overweight, balding internet film writers. It's insane! But if we can get serious for a moment: Variety tells us the actress will star alongside Matt Long, Jessica Stroup and Michael Landes, while Morgan J. Freeman (Hurricane) will direct off a script from Frank Hannah (The Cooler).

Homecoming will tell the all-too-familiar tale of a former small-town golden boy and his new girlfriend who decide to visit his hometown when -- holy bleeping crap -- they discover his high school sweetheart (Barton) is, like, totally obsessed with the guy still. Variety calls it an "unhealthy obsession," while I say the more the merrier. No word on a production schedule or a release date, but it should be fun to watch the girl from The O.C. go absolutely nutty over a guy. I want her doing bad things. Very bad things. Despite being pretty well known, Barton still has not managed to land a role bigger than "insert random indie title here." Perhaps she's going about her career in the right way, or perhaps she's just not appealing enough for the bigger stuff. What say you?

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