It seems so strange these days to see Jodie Foster doing slapstick comedy. She gets into lots of drama and action, but when was the last time she made you laugh? For me, it was those early days when she was involved in all things Disney, and when she had one Freaky Friday. (If you haven't yet, check out the retro trailer from Stars in Rewind.) Over 30 years later, she's jumping on the wacky wagon again, but this time for some more fantastical adventure.

You might remember that she's part of Nim's Island -- the Swiss Family Robinson sort of film that has her starring alongside Abigail Breslin (Nim) and Gerard Butler. The trailer, which has now popped up online over at Ace Showbiz, pretty much explains things -- her character is an agoraphobic adventure writer who has to face her fears when her biggest fan asks for her help. Nim and her dad (Butler) live on a remote island, and she's stranded when he gets lost at sea. Men then try to take over the island, so Nim asks Alex Rover for help -- the star of Foster's action books (who is played by Butler as well).

The trailer has Foster freaking out over the thought of leaving her house, which is compounded by the fact that her adventure won't take her just down the street for a coffee, but rather, across the world. An imagined Rover taunts her, getting her out of the house and into a number of adventures not only to reach Nim, but to help her save the island. It's complete family fare, with the cheesy trailer voice-over and everything, but I have to say -- it looks like the kind of film you could get lost in your goofy, youthful memories with. We'll find out soon enough. The film opens on April 4. Either way, it's nice to see Foster embrace her goofiness again.