I've been told you simply MUST see a Jackass film in the theater, surrounded by a ton of rowdy fans drunk with enthusiasm. That this is truly the best way to watch these guys destroy one another on screen. While I still don't see the Jackass appeal, I'll try my best to reserve judgment until I do actually see one of their films in a packed house (which I probably won't do, but a boy can dream). That being said, Jackass 2.5 is now available online for free ... but you need to jump several hurdles before you can watch. First you need to download software, then you need to enter your personal info so they can verify your age, and then you need to wait for an email with a link to the movie -- and then you need to open your email, click on the link and, finally, the film begins to play. Phew.

But it's a free Jackass movie (for now), and those fans who can't get enough of their antics will most likely enjoy the new material. Based on what I saw, the film is entirely comprised of stuff left on the cutting room floor from Jackass Part Two. So basically you're getting an entire film worth of stuff they didn't think was fun enough for the other film. Like watching Steve-O attempt to fly a kite with his ass. Or watching the fat one (what's his name again?) stand on top of a Port a Potty painted black while the gang fly miniature airplanes at him, a la King Kong. I imagine this type of stuff is a lot funnier when you're watching with a group of other fans, while injecting alcohol straight into your brain, but free is free and, well, what else do you have to do? Apparently, the boys will start filming a Jackass 3 next year, and their new Jackass-related site, Jackassworld.com, will be launching soon.