Matt from has landed a whopper of an interview, talking to John Hurt at length about his role in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Hurt is, of course, playing Abner Ravenwood, father of Marion, in the film and his part is thought to have been a small role that was cooked up after Sean Connery decided not to partake in the fourth film. Although Hurt is contractually prevented from saying anything specific about what will happen in the movie or who he's even playing -- he just smiles when asked the question directly -- he does have some hilariously unscripted things to say about the film in general. For one thing, he wasn't terribly impressed with it, or at least his part, it seems. He describes the role as "lightweight for me, at least for that sort of time commitment" but says "I enjoyed working with Steven hugely, and we had a great cast. I just wish we'd had something of fabulous interest between each other to act!"

Hurt also says that he simply refused to do the film unless they sent him the script in advance and they blinked, sending it to him with a courier who waited around to snatch it back after he was done reading. He also says that despite what Spielberg says, there is CGI work in the film -- "they had some massive blue screens" he notes -- and he also apparently didn't connect with George Lucas. "George is a bit socially crippled, really. Not good with people. So I just left him alone." Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull -- nope, still don't like that title --is opening Memorial Day, 2008.

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