A brand new TV spot for Cloverfield has arrived over at Movieweb, and it features some footage we haven't yet seen. Like a bunch of army guys shooting at the monster. Yay! Oh, and there's like a Coldplay score over the entire trailer (not sure it is Coldplay, but it sounds like something they'd come up with). Me? I love the part when they're all like "We have to stop it!" You have to stop it? What the hell are you gonna do, Rob? It's a monster. And not even the military can take that thing down. Oh, but Rob from Brooklyn (is that where your giant loft is?) can stop the Cloverfield beast? Sure. And how come no one ever has a New York accent? Can't one of those girls be from Staten Island or something? I want to hear Gina go, "Yous gonna stop that thing; I ain't goin' near it yo. Lets hit up the diner instead, but." (Yes, girls from Staten Island and Brooklyn add the word 'but' to the end of every sentence, in case you didn't already know. No idea why they do this, but I might write a book about it.)

Anyway, check out the TV spot above. Regardless of how much I make fun of it, this movie does look different and original ... and worthy of your ten dollars. So you may as well go see it when it crashes into theaters on January 18.