Okay. We all know about exorcisms, whether we've had a priest getting rid of our own personal demons, or just watching Linda Blair get hers excised. But did you know that there's such thing as an exorcism school? Were the words "true story" not included in this piece, I would've thought that this was some sort of comedy pitch, but no, it's real. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that New Line Cinema has picked up the rights to... The Rite -- "the true story of an American priest who studied at an exorcism school in Italy."

Apparently, there's an upcoming book that journalist Matt Baglio is currently writing, subtitled The Making of a Modern Day Exorcist, that will tell this priest's story, and Michael Petroni (The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys) signed on to adapt it before the strike. "Baglio was allowed to follow a young priest during months of training with a senior exorcist at a school affiliated with the Vatican." It is said that the project will include scenes based on exorcisms that priest was involved in.

I have a million questions... How exactly do they study? Does the Vatican ghost-wrangle evil spirits that wanna-be exorcists can practice on? Is it just field-practice? Are there simulated exercises to prepare the priest for the battling of evil? What happens if theirs a dry spell in the world of demon possession? How long will it take for an exorcist-school comedy to gear up?
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