It's my hope that once the holidays are over, we'll finally find out -- once and for all -- where we stand with this whole Justice League of America movie. Director George Miller insists it's still moving forward, scheduled to start production early next year, and almost all of the cast have been unofficially leaked online. But that's the problem: nothing is official. Warner Bros. has not come out with an official statement, announcing their cast and timeline for the flick. We keep hearing names, some of which are the same, but they all come with the same "according to a trusted inside source" crap. And all we want is a decision -- is this movie moving forward? (Personally, I think this delay has to do with a) the script and b) the negative fan reaction -- but no one has come right out and said that.)

That being said, we now have a new name to throw into the mix. The Daily Telegraph reports that Casino Royale (and Golden Compass) star Eva Green flew into Sydney recently to audition for a role in Justice League. There's no word on what part she auditioned for, and we can speculate that it might be Wonder Woman, but that role supposedly already went to Megan Gale. Could Green be up for the role of a villain? Or is Warners looking to scrap some of these other names in favor of more recognizable talent? Strangely enough, some people were claiming Green was only in town for The Golden Compass premiere, however the Telegraph says she was a no-show. So chalk this up as yet another rumor, and cross your fingers this all gets settled real soon.

[via Moviehole]

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