Shia LaBeouf has come a long way since his curly head popped up as a young target in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. He's starred in Disturbia, chilled with larger-than-life robots in Transformers, and got to do what many kids dream of -- have adventures with Indiana Jones. So it might sound surprising that he's got a passion project he'd like to get off the ground; one about a troubled rapper. According to, LaBeouf would like to whip up a movie tribute for his hero -- Cage. As Shia describes it: "It's kind of like how no matter what film De Niro was making, he was always ready to pull Raging Bull out of his back pocket. Cage is my Jake LaMotta. I have been listening to Cage since I got into hip-hop when I was 12."

The film is nowhere near a reality, but it could make for a decent piece of cinema if it's done right. Born Christian Palko, Cage was a kid from a troubled family. His father was a heroin addict who made Cage help him shoot up, and then suddenly left the boy and his mother. Later, a stepfather would beat the kid severely, and Cage soon became a drug addict, tasting the likes of drugs from pot to LSD. In his later teens, he was seen as mentally unstable and sent to a psychiatric hospital for over a year. There, his troubles continued as he was a guinea pig for Prozac, which made him suicidal. Essentially, it was a neverending series of struggles for the guy, who then broke out of his troubles and became a rapper in the '90s. A super-popular young star, abuse, mental issues, AND music? It's amazing the movie hasn't been picked up yet. Should LaBeouf's success continue, I imagine we'll see this film in no time.
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