I used to go to sneak preview showings all the time. I just couldn't help myself. Raging, searing impatience was always the victor, and besides, what's more fun than seeing a movie with other people who really want to see it too? Movies like Bubba Ho-Tep never would have made the impact they did without a room full of screaming fanboys and fangirls cheering Elvis on. But the same rationale applies to opening night. Yes, it's busy, but it also cuts out that sinister anticipation, it has an energy that an empty theater could never have, and if the movie has a decent geek base, you're sure to see some costumes.

But now costume screenings are going to the romcoms. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that 27 Dresses is going to have live ladies walking around as fashionably adorned advertisements. As THR describes it, the screenings will have "27 models at 27 specially-selected theaters across the country, who will be wearing specially-made bridesmaid dresses adorned with the film's title and credits." That sounds special to me! These ladies will strut their stuff during sneak previews on December 27, of course.

On the one hand, I wonder how long it will take for hot fashion designers to incorporate advertisements into their wacky runway pieces. On the other... Sure, this is a marketing attempt, but why not go black tie for some goofy comedy? Wear that bridesmaid dress you never thought you could wear again. Go to a thrift store and pick up one of those $10 retro ones. Make a night out of it. Skewer popcorn, dip gourmet corn tortillas into a special cheese fondue. Even if the movie isn't that great, the experience could be.
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