As Scrubs began to wind down over the last few years, the question became: What will happen to Zach Braff? A few years ago, that answer was simple -- he'd be a famous director/star. He had made quite an impact with Garden State, and it seemed like he would continue to make wonderfully music-laden features that balance quirk with a decent semblance of reality. But then, hopes started to crumble. Chicken Little was alright and all -- a family film, so that doesn't count. However, that was followed with The Last Kiss, which didn't live up to expectations, and then The Ex, which ripped out the hearts of Bateman/Braff appreciators and stomped on them.

With his movie path in question until we see what he makes of his sophomore feature Open Hearts, Braff is sticking with television, but behind the scenes. Reuters reports that he and Office alum David Denman are going to jump into a drama pilot for Fox. Considering the oh-so-popular themes on television today, would it be a hospital pitch, or a cop pitch? More of the same for Zach -- he's in negotiations to direct and executive produce Saint of Circumstance. Should things go well, Denman will start as "an office worker who quits his dead-end job to become a paramedic on the night shift." The reason for Zach's involvement -- the pilot was written by his brother, Adam Braff.

So I ask you:

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