DVD hounds know that Tuesday is normally DVD release day. With Christmas falling on a Tuesday this year, though, release schedules have been blown up; some releases moved up to Sunday, and others have been delayed until Wednesday.

In what appears to be an inspired bit of seasonal counter-programming, the DVD debut of David Cronenberg's Eastern Promiseshas been heavily advertised on TV the past week ... which is kinda weird, because I don't remember very much advertising for the theatrical release. Selective memory on my part, or is it more cost efficient for distributor Focus Features? Sad to admit, but I missed this when it played in cinemas a short time ago, so I'm looking forward to catching it now. Cinematical's Ryan Stewart appeared to like it, but not as much as the director's previous film, A History of Violence. The DVD includes two features on the making of the film.

I can't believe I'm recommending a Hong Kong film that's reminiscent of Three Men and a Baby, but it's a very thin week for new indie releases and besides, it's not as bad as it sounds. Jackie Chan stars in Robin B Hood(retitled from its original English title, Rob B Hood) as one of a trio of irresponsible burglars who must take care of a baby and grow up in the process.

As I wrote when I reviewed it for another site early this year: "It must be acknowledged: Jackie Chan moves with more agile grace, and subjects his body to greater punishment, than any other 52-year-old multi-millionaire in the entertainment industry. The problem here, though, is the same one that has often dragged down his films -- the non-action scenes." If you're an action junkie, though, it's worth a rental for some of Chan's best stunt work in years. The DVD includes two features, two interviews, and an audio commentary by director Benny Chan.
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