If a musical in high school wasn't enough for you, the producers of High School Musical, Bill Borden and Barry Rosenbush, are going to bring you music outside of the education setting. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that the producers, along with MTV, will air their own original musical called The American Mall -- a project that will air next summer on the channel and have an immediate DVD release. This concept came around before the days of High School Musical, and was originally a feature for Columbia Pictures. Funny enough, the feature will star a Bulgarian-born Canadian actress, Nina Dobrev -- Mia Jones from Degrassi: The Next Generation. Her hottie co-star is Rob Mayes, who is pretty new to the film and television world, but was last seen in The Horror Convention Massacre.

The film will focus on a high school grad named Ally (Dobrev), "a singer-songwriter battling to save her mother's music store and to keep the boy she loves, Joey (Mayes), a musically gifted young janitor who fronts a garage band." Wait... MTV is putting on a musical allllll about music? Wow! The production, which will start shooting next month at a mall in Provo, Utah also stars Wade Allain-Marcus (Friends with Money), Bianca Collins (Unfabulous), Rodney To (Betaville), Neil Haskell (One Life to Live), Brooke Lyons (Dark Reel), David Baum, Blythe Auffarth (The Girl Next Door), Yassmin Alers (Across the Universe), Bresha Webb (Lincoln Heights), and Al Sapienza (Brotherhood). The film is being directed by Shawn Ku, the man behind the musical Sundance short Pretty Dead Girl. Are you ready for some musical mall madness?
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