It's been almost a year since we got acquainted with the rather excellent indie horror flick The Signal at Sundance, and I bet you kind of forgot all about it. (How irritating is it when a distributor purchases a film you really want to see ... and then that's the last you hear of it for a year?!?!) But I know for a fact that Magnolia Pictures is more than gung-ho about the Atlanta-made and entirely cool movie; I suspect they were just writing for the right time to go theatrical. (As of this very second, February 22 is the release date. Just a little while longer, unless they bump it again.)

Anyway, you know I wouldn't bring the movie up and then not follow up with something juicy, so if you're a fan of the nasty stuff, click your mouse here to enjoy the all-new theatrical trailer for The Signal. Enjoy.

Directed by threedifferentguys in three separate chunks -- but it's NOT an anthology piece -- The Signal tells the story of an electricity-borne infection that causes people to wig the hell out and kill whoever has the misfortune to be within whacking distance. And while you'll be able to see a few differences in each of the three sections (sorry, "transmissions"), I was surprised at how well the segments fit together.

And to the teenagers who only go to see horror movies with big-name actors (like, um, that chick from Buffy?), I can promise that you'll dig this newcomer cast. The Signal boasts two "dreamy" guys (the evil A.J. Bowen and the heroic Justin Welborn), some weirdly excellent comic relief from Scott Poythress and Cheri Christian, and a lead actress who's as surprisingly commanding as she is girl-next-door hot. (Her name is Anessa Ramsey, and she's plenty hot.)

Oh, and the flick's really creepy, grimly amusing, exceedingly violent, and strangely kinda ... touching, too. But I don't want to spoil it...